Would you like to recycle your watch?

Whether it's broken, scratched or no longer satisfies you; we collect your used watch to have it recycled by our partner ECO TEMPO !

To encourage you in this approach, we are offering you on your choice:

  • 30% discount voucher valid on your next purchase on www.ice-watch.com
  • Or, a 30% cashback valid on an order previously placed within the last 3 months on www.ice-watch.com

To do this, we invite you to complete a short form and to send us your watch back to our warehouse located in Bastogne (Belgium) or to our office based in Paris (France). *

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Only available for orders placed on www.ice-watch.com

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Unfortunately, the advantage is not eligible for residents outside of the European Union!

* The shipping costs to return your watch to our warehouse are not covered.

* Only valid for orders within the last 3 months.